Our Team

Meet the tight-knit team that’s at the heart of Atlas Frames. We’re not just colleagues; we’re family, and every one of us plays a vital role in crafting the success story of Atlas.

Our Team


Ricardo Ramalho

Introducing Ricardo, a dynamic professional, who is always looking for new opportunities and ways to improve the business. Outside work, Ricardo’s passions are movies, music and his family.


Robson Bortolan

Say hello to Robson, he’s the sales whiz with an unstoppable “can-do” attitude. Outside of work, Robson’s a dad on a mission with three awesome kids. His free time is all about exploring our local area with his family. 


Daniel Toledo

Daniel is the go-to guy at Atlas for solving pretty much anything. When he’s not at work, you’ll find Daniel hanging out with his fiancé and two beautiful dogs. They’re all about soaking up the beauty of nature and chilling at the local beaches. 


Mariana Chrystal

Meet Mariana, a cornerstone of our office, dedicated to keeping our operations running seamlessly and ensuring the success of all our projects. Beyond her professional proficiency, Mariana is also passionate about cooking. During her downtime, she enjoys creating delicious dishes and generously shares her culinary creations with the team.


Fernanda Corazza

Meet Fernanda, she’s the one making sure our office runs like a well-oiled machine and that our team is all smiles and safety. Fernanda‘s real spark comes from hanging out with her family and embracing the quieter life. She used to dream of a veggie garden, but then she realized how much work they actually need. Life lessons.

Rafa 1

Raphael Figueiredo

Say hello to Raphael, he is Atlas’ creative brain. He is a dynamic professional with a great attitude. In his spare time, Raphael enjoys getting together with friends to cook up a traditional Brazilian barbeque. 

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Andre Tanaka

Meet Andre Tanaka, the numbers guru of our team! At work, you can always count on him to keep our financial ship sailing smoothly. Outside work, he’s a man of many talents and interests. You can often find him in the virtual world, where he’s an avid gamer, or serving up some serious competition on table tennis matches.