For The Ultimate DIY Tiny Build

Lock Up Stage Kit Homes in Brisbane

Flexible to your needs, this is the essential structure to create your dream tiny house, studio, office and more. Your choice for exterior cladding to suit your style, the freedom of choice is yours!

Embrace the Ultimate Design Freedom:
Build Your DIY Dream Tiny Home

Presenting our Lock Up Tiny House option – a smart choice tailored for budget-conscious individuals who possess DIY expertise or are seasoned builders. Unmatched in affordability, it comes at just a quarter of the cost of a standard build.

Enjoy the freedom to personalise the interior of your tiny house according to your preferences, all the while taking pride in the fact that the foundational work meets the highest standards. With its lock-up stage completion, your tiny house is now secure and ready for placement in any location or space of your choosing.


Termite Proof

True Accuracy

Quick Turnaround

Lockup Types

3 x 6 Lock Up

From $18,500

3 x 9 Lock Up

From $25,000

3 x 12 Lock Up

From $37,000

What's Included:

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