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At Atlas Frames, we’re celebrating Black Friday with unmissable offers on our best selling steel frame kits! Known for our high quality strength and durability with thanks to our partners Truecore Steel, these prices are too good to pass up! Black Friday Sale only applies to the products below

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Featured Products

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3x6 Standard Wind Rating N3
Weight: 350kg
Highlights: Our Bestseller! Perfect for the robust small space project and reliable for your construction needs, ready to build! 

Original Price: $2750
Black Friday Deal: $2350 (GST Inc)

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3x8 Standard Wind Rating N3 (Additional Wall)
Weight: 450kg
Highlights: Ideal for those wanting an additional room, such as a bathroom, within the structure  

Original Price: $3400
Black Friday Deal: $3000 (GST Inc)

Special Bundle Offers

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3x6 Standard Wind Rating N3 + Skid
Highlights: A complete setup with ease of mobility

Black Friday Deal: $7450 (GST Inc)


3x8 Standard Wind Rating N3 + Skid
Highlights: Comprehensive needs with an additional room  

Black Friday Deal: $10,800 (GST Inc)


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